Full/part time tutor (At Yakin area)

We are looking for part-time tutors or full-time tutors who could teach primary, PMR, SPM subjects.

Requirements :idea: :

  1. For teaching primary, we require you to teach all subjects.
  2. For secondary class, the class would held 7-9pm.

For more details, please kindly:

  1. leave a message here or PM me.
  2. call Arlene(Primary) at 016-8708276 or Daphne(Secondary) at 016-8986786
  3. Send your resume to akm.daphne@hotmail.com


thank you for all of you who email/call/pm me showing your interest on the job posted.

Currently, the post for part time tutor was close.

But we still welcome those who interested to become full time primary school tutor to contact us.

FYI, we are now looking for art class teacher.

Salary: RM200
Time: 3 hours per day & 4 days per month

Pls kindly prepare 3 artwork for interview session.

i think i can teach primary sch…
can u PM me more details?

i can only be part time tutor…

Hello, is the vacancy for a part-time tutor still available?


hello… i’m interested of the part time tutor. wat time the class start? how do u pay me? i’m teaching primary n secondary full sub now.

how’s the salary if teaching full time? pm me thanks

do you need maths tutor for secondary student?

Sorry, the post filled.