Frustrated Former AJ Promoter In Parkson

feel angry when people promise to pay your salary but they didn’t manage to make anythng like call the office or whatever when salary come late. instead, they tend to ask myself to call the office. 1 of the brand that frustrated me most is AJ brand located in Parkson Miri. I have worked there last few month and now I’m studying in Semenanjung and I need my salary to survive. But what I see is that the company didn’t manage to give my salary on time. Although I’m just a part time worker, but they should take some action. What a irresponsible management…

Feel so sorry for you. :frowning: Looks like they’re so coward to take up their responsibilities. A few years ago my friend’s daughter who worked in one of the stores there had also met with the same fate. I think the poor girl just quit without receiving any pay at all! :shock:

Hi all, I think you can(and you should) complain at
the labour’s office. It is always worker’s rights to
fight for what they deserve and should get.

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