From subscribing to installation of Astro..How long?

Hello there, quite concerned about this since my family subscribed and yet the installer belum datang yet :frowning: They say "probably after CNY :shock: does it take that long?

standard… 2 weeks. where you subscribed by the way?

Somewhere near Bintang Megamall i think…the Astro place where the glasses always crack one i think? :mrgreen:

we got our within 1 week, maybe most of the installer is celebrating CNY wa that’s why it takes that long…

My housemate applied on 03 jan … she got her set fixed on 14 jan … so it’s less than 2 weeks for us …

There is other alternative to watch Astro if U got your streamyx installed at home with cheaper monthly subscribtion. PM me if interested.

Last time my subscription the RM2 per day package nearly took me a month.

wow…how come that long? When i suscribed last time, fill up the form in the morning afternoon they went to install it. When i upgrade to Beyond, made a call and i was told 2 weeks to wait but after two days they came. Seems that ASTRO jual mahal la

where you sign up ?