From miri to sibu

Wanna ask if drive a Toyota innova 2.0G.
Drive from miri to sibu need to refill how many time full tank?
How far that innova can travel with one full tank of petrol?
Thank for all the reply…

I am pretty sure tat ur Innova one full tank can reach Sibu easily. It’s only takes u ~ 410km from Miri to Sibu using the new coastal highway. But if u r unsure, there will be 2 petrol station at Bintulu ( one Shell and one Petronas ) tat u can pump full again before u travel again to Sibu. No worry… :smiley: but I think around RM 100 should be more than enough ^^

just refill in Bintulu if u think it’s not sufficient.but should be more than enough if full safely.

100% enuf as long U dun speeding above 140km/hr.

sure sampai 1 . there is a petronas around selangau area, b4 selangau also got 1 petronas.

the distance is about 450 km. How much milage can your full tank go.

do the cal.

use public transport…for sure no need to worry about fuel… :stuck_out_tongue:

my advice is don get the risk, before i ever tried to use innova to bintulu, the fuel gone half tank and above.

fly cheaper and faster