Friends turn microwave ovens into sterile boxes

KUCHING: Six young professionals who are friends and colleagues have come together to up-cycle malfunctioning microwave ovens into Ultra Violet C (UVC) steriliser boxes.

Led by Wong Ching Ning manager of a corporate organisation, the volunteers – Lucas Lim Tee Kiat, Edmund Chua, Luna Yeo, Si Kok Leng and Kho Kui Ta – have collected more than 20 microwave ovens donated by the community here and converted them into UVC steriliser boxes.

So far, 10 such steriliser boxes have been donated to hospitals and healthcare centres in Miri, Sibu and here.

Wong (second right) with the team (from left) Kho, Si, Chua, Luna and Rotary Club of Kuching Unity City charter president Lee Khee Chuan.

The first recipient was the Emergency and Trauma Department of the Sarawak General Hospital.

“We are happy that we are able to contribute in the war against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We named the UVC steriliser box ‘Shield Box’ because it provides a shield against the virus through the sterilising process in accordance with the reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and university research papers, UVC light is effective in killing viruses,” said Wong.

Wong, who has an electrical engineering background, had conducted research on UVC light personally and incorporate with microwave oven safety feature and created the Shield Box UVC Steriliser.

“There are UVC steriliser boxes and similar products in the market especially in the US but are very expensive mostly for medical use.

SGH personnel with the first UVC Shield Steriliser Box.

Wong said the microwave oven could be converted into UVC steriliser box as microwave ovens comes with the built-in safety interlock, the UVC light/ray would be contained within a chamber and whenever the oven door is open, the UVC light would automatically turn off.

In fact, the team had come up with the idea of UVC light as steriliser on March 16 and the first Shield Box was produced on Apr 10.

They had actually thought of having it certified as an effective tool of killing viruses but were unable to do so because Covid-19 samples were needed.

The team is grateful to generous donors such as the Rotary Club of Kuching Unity City, the Rice Shop, individuals, friends and relatives.

“This is not a product for sale but for donation to those who need it. We are more on promoting awareness among the public that we can up-cycle malfunctioned microwave ovens into steriliser boxes,” Wong stressed.

He called on the public to donate suitable malfunctioned microwave ovens for a good cause.

“We are also open to those who wish to convert their microwave ovens for sterilising purposes.

“You can sterilise food packs, vegetables, fruits and things such as your car keys, handphones and wallets,” he said.

Further details can be obtained from Wong at 019-8896874.

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