Fried Duck - Recommendation?

I’m looking for Good taste fried duck with good chili sauce (HOTttt).
Anyone can help me to recommend some?
Name and Location.

I just found one today at Lutong Baru “Curry Pasta” Near Thai Taste.
Maybe there are more and better taste yummyy :lol:

do you mean roasted duck? or it’s really fried…?lol :lol:

Fried similar to KFC. Any recommendation?
If you got other good recommendation about duck, please share :smiley:
I tried Peking Duck at Dynasty Hotel Restaurant, its nice too.

Miri got fried duck???

fried duck… never heard before…

roasted one pelita centre alot

[quote=“ghost”]ya lor, i believe dynasty hotel’s peking duck is roasted eh?

fried like kfc, i doubt that. cos ducks are made not to be fried like that

where did u eat fried duck before[/quote]

Yes, Peking Duck is roasted.

So far I only found fried duck (Lalapan Itik) at Curry Pasta in Lutong Baru.
I visited there during lunch time. Cause I found it great, I want to find more in other places :smiley:

try the restaurant behind Lou Wai Lou at Pujut at the corner shop lot, 2 Shop. Got fried Duck. But don’t have Hot Sauce that you want la, just fried duck.