Fresh Seafood Supply

Interest to have cheap and fresh prawn?fish?

it is quarentee fresh.i mean it.we had our own fishing boat…

we not always selling…but you can book and once fishing boat come back, we will get it for you.

It is to ensure it is good quality and fresh.

we do supply to restaurant or local kopitiam, even retailer.

Anything can reach me(Johnny) at 016-8550358 or email me at

cheaper than those in the market?

ya…it will bit different. however wont till very cheap because we still need to follow the market price. :slight_smile:

but…if you buy more or u need it for ur business use, then we can give u the supplier price. we do supply to the market or local restaurant.


how much is the prawn/kg? :slight_smile:

interest in it, can you pm me what kind of seafood u supplying?

we got different types of prawn…

small size
medium size
big size
ming prawn
tiger prawn

prices will be different as well…u can call me if u interest to buy…if u buy more, cheaper it will.


allright tokay… i’ll call u if i’m planning to buy fresh seafood yah… cheers! :mrgreen:

you are most welcome. out seafood not from or keep in storage… we directly supply it from fishing boat. so it is fresh for sell. :smiley:

Tml fishing boat will be back…interest do sms me ya…