Fresh Home-baked Bread Order

Anyone interested to order home-baked bread please pm me :slight_smile:

I only sell one type of bread so far.
I recommend it for anyone who is controlling their sugar & cholestrol levels as the bread does not contain any form of butter/margerine and eggs.
The bread only uses brown sugar (sugar is a must if you want the yeast to work through the bread) and olive oil

You can choose the type of flour you want:
plain flour (not recommended for those suffering from gastric/heartburn, high-cholestrol, diabetis, obesity)
rye flour
wholemeal flour

Adding wholegrains/herbs into the dough is an option.


  1. Cinnamon
  2. Your choice of herbs (Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Dill, Basil or Asian Mix)
  3. Garlic

You can also choose if you want the bread salty, slightly salty or plain.
NOTE: The bread does not last long since they do not contain any sort of artificial preservatives. Keep in the freezer if you can’t finish it up in 3-4 days.

Price of the bread will depend on your order specifications.
Oh and by the way, I call it “fresh” because I don’t make the bread in bulk. I only make after an order is received.


got photo or not? price

Where is yor location?
Do you have any Low GI bread with mixed grains (usually bought it from Hot Cross)?

Sorry I just made some yesterday but I forgot to take pictures of it.
You can have them rectangle-ish, round or in small buns.

I’ll post a picture of it the next time I make it. Maybe tonight or tomorrow evening.

[quote=“MonkeyKing”]Where is yor location?
Do you have any Low GI bread with mixed grains (usually bought it from Hot Cross)?[/quote]

The bread is Low GI because it doesn’t contain (or not supposed to contain too much) High GI flour like wheat/plain/white flour.
If you have a flour you’d like to use in it you can let me know. Low GI can be yellow pea or unbleached wholemeal flour. I am looking for yellow pea flour in Miri but so far cannot find it. Yellow pea is a much healthier substitute. Whole grains can be mixed in the dough or just used as topping. Your choice.

Just a warning though, my bread does not taste as good as what you buy commercially because it only contains strictly healthy ingredients & no additives/flavourings.

price? just the plain bread…

can you post some price list & photos , and do you deliver to kuching? :slight_smile: