Freelance Photo Printing,Editing, Banner and Poster services

Greeting’s to all, I’m currently still looking for a Job Vacancy and I’m graduated in Bachelor of Education (Hons) majoring in Mathematics… currently i’m doing my own home based tuition in Miri… selling football jersey via blog-shop… and ‘Making’ Photo/picture for people… which mean that if any of you interested to hire me for a vacancy or photo order… you may contact me…

  1. I am quite specialized with adobe photoshop version CS3

  2. I am capable of making any kind of picture you want ( as long as the picture is yours and legal, no 18x material )

    • The product will be presented in A4 size
    • RM 10 for re-sizing it from any size (2R, 4R TO A4 SIZE)
    • any Black and White (old photo) Photo? I can make it into COLOUR PICTURE… the price still the same…RM10
    • RM 15 TO RM 20 is for any picture edited based of 3 to 4 other picture (example, I can make you wear Iron Man suit or dress you up as superman)
    • Shipping/Delivery method - either through regular mail, via e-mail, or we meet in person if you’re Mirian… meet in Public… )
    • Payment method - through Bank-in (if we deal via email or postage) or cash (when we meet)
  3. I provide services such as:-

    • Poster Design - RM 10 per Design (you give me the detail, and I’l do the graphic)
      - RM 15 to RM 20 PER Design ( ALL THE DETAILS AND COLOUR AND GRAPHIC ARE YOURS TO DECIDE) and based on Level of Difficulties
      - No additional charge for A4 size Poster
      - Additional Charge RM 3 for A3 size Poster ( shipping method - either through regular mail, via e-mail, or we meet in person)

    • Banner Design - I only make the Design, Price RM 20 to RM 30 based on level of difficulties
      - Size depend on what you want, you name it, I’ll make it

  4. Here’s how it work, after I finish the deisgn/or print it out for you…:-

    • For those who deal via e-mail with me, I’ll sent you the picture first, if you like it, You pay Via Bank-In, and you get the picture… You can’t just get the picture without paying for it because… I’LL PUT WATERMARKS AND FRAME ON IT… HAHAHA… and apart from that… i’l also send you a RAR or ZIP file… in which you’ll get the ‘PASSWORD’ from me after I’ll get my payment…

    • For those who deal via postage, you pay first, then you’ll get the item … that’s it (a very risky option)

    • For those who deal face to face with me; you contact me via email, or SMS ( be sure to introduce your self), send me your requirement, I’ll make the photo, finish it, I’ll inform you, I’ll sent MMS of the picture to you but with watermark, if you dislike it, the deals OFF, if you satisfied…then we meet, I’ll give you the item, you give me the Green Notes (haha)… simple as ABC… and only in Miri… if you wish to have the soft-copy of the design, bring along your laptop

Working Hour: Monday till Sunday (anytime, as long you send me your order Via SMS, I’ll tell you if the service is available or not at that time)

                                                                you may contact me at
                                                                 I'll give you my contact number when we do business
                                                                                               Pleasure to meet you..

hi deideian…

so long la your job descriptions… but nothing mentioned about brochure design… do you do brochure design too?
if yes, what’s ur price ? :smiley:

er… brochure design… I’m sorry alterego… I haven’t got the skill to do brochure design yet… (still learning hehe), say, do you have any request apart from that?

hi deideian…

i sent u a PM… have you read it thru ? :slight_smile: