Free wedding photographer

FREE to hire me for wedding, birthday or any other events. But if you like the photos, you can buy them per piece. For more information, please drop me an email at Bookings available from 2nd-3rd week of August 2008.

so its not so free lah?

Hiring a photographer is costly, all i’m charging are the photos you choose. You do not have to buy all pictures or any pictures if you do not want to :slight_smile:

Please change your title as this is not free at all.

This is rather MISLEADING ppl…!!! FREE means no need to pay anything…

ummm… I think the title maybe misleading but appropriate. It is about free photographer…not free photos…you can hire him but you don’t need to pay if you don’t buy any photos from him… I think it’s fair…

It’s not misleading. Photographer service is one thing, prints are another.

Naing : Finally someone who understands.

It’s a form of advertising and like i said, It is free to hire a photographer, and if you buy or don’t buy the photos, it doesn’t mater.

I think it’s a fair offer, but for the client’s privacy, better find out what’s going to happen to the pictures that you don’t buy. 8)

I don’t see any wrong here, I secondat to ian suggestion too. Anyhow I use to be doing FREE for most friends at old time. hahaha. Good Try out & best of luck … Wishpering_Win D !!!

Thanks Fayel! And Ian to for understanding my advertisement :slight_smile:

Can tell us ur charges?

BMyself: It would be from RM10-18 per picture. It depends what size prints you want and also, if you want it in a softcopy :slight_smile:

the cost is quite reasonable. are the photos edited or original captured one?

original and probably a lil bit of processing if need to… like brightness and contrast and etc…

FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER <— its a free photographer !! so if i provide material, and only usage of your service, wouldn’t that be totally free?

do u have sample of the photos that u have taken?

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yeah…show us some samples


would like to see as well~