Free online courses at MITx

MIT is going put free interactive courses online in 2012 … good to know … you can earn certificates/credentials for online study.

only one course available currently?? circuit and electronics, my biggest weakness… normally will they have plenty of courses offered??

The first MITx course, 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics), will be launched in an experimental prototype form. Watch this space for further upcoming courses, which will become available in Fall 2012.

The courses free of charge to anyone. The certificate will obviously not carry the weight of a traditional M.I.T. diploma, but it will provide an incentive to finish the online material. But you can visit their original free online platform at, which has been used by over 100 million students and contains course material for roughly 2,100 classes. The new M.I.T.x online program will not compete with OCW in the number of courses that it offers. However, the program will offer students a greater interactive experience.