FREE BODY COMPOSITION Measurement & Analysis

Prevent and even REVERSE overweightness, hypertension, diabetes, gout ,
fatty liver & many other lifestyle/aging related ailments effectively & lastingly.

3 months health programme - TRA.(The Right Approach).

After 3 months, body takes over naturally. Eliminate/reduce need of
drugs after that.

Among the most effective and safest in the world.

Already 6 years in Singapore & 1 year in Malaysia.
Unlike any other. No dieting.

For a free health check which includes body composition monitoring ;
[Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), Skeletal Muscle, Resting
Metabolism, Visceral Fat (Internal Organ Congestion), Body Age (Actual/Biological), etc]
& free consultation, kindly please contact;

Jesvinder Singh: 012-6165890