Found someones IC

(hiroroshi) #1

Found someones IC this afternoon in front of Chong and Law.

Name: Ung Kang Hua

Does anyone know this person? Found it along with an expired drivers license with the same name. Send me a pm if this is yours. I will pass it later to the authorities after work.

(wgn_white) #2

Just pass to authority.
But, the chances they get back the IC is non since they can do a new one.

(zzzzzzzzzzzz) #3

Yu can just enclose it in an envelope and insert directly to the mailbox of the given address.

(winwin) #4

Not everyone is reading this forum thus the most appropriate place to have them surrendered is to the police authority where ultimately the owner would go lodge a loss report. Hence the owner may be able to claim the documents form the authority concerned.

(orang_kuning) #5

careful guys…

this is a known money lender tactic

(Awesomian1st) #6
orang_kuning said:
careful guys...

this is a known money lender tactic
@orang_kuning Please Elaborate..
(Awesomian1st) #7

(orang_kuning) #8

just imagine if you were a loan shark and looking for a ‘defaulter’…
what kind of tactics would you use?