Forum's Signature

(wickedghost) #1

Anyone know how to put pictures in their signature?I tried edit but no pictures eh…lowyat can…but here cant…funny eh

(Smallee) #2

Lowyat and mcnet… a lot of different lerrrrr…

I think the reason is that if everyone start uploading a pic signature, it will took ages for some members to upload a pages in here…

(ian) #3

Images are not allowed to reduce the likelihood of abuse, sometimes uploading super sizes and other times putting otherworldly images.

(shutterhero) #4

i c. no wonder. it was allowed before and since the upgrade it had been disabled. it’s a gud measure though especially regarding supersize image. that is why i always upload re-sized images at photography section.

(coconutice) #5

wickedghost, not that funny lah. Most of the BBCode is disabled in the sig.

I still think the BBCode should be re-enabled. You can make rules of the maximum height and width of the signatures. Its not that hard to monitor anyway. Its not like we have millions of members

(KeddyBear) #6

I remember seeing a disgusting forum signature. It was a bunch of dead zombies with nudity. Eek~

(jsonting) #7

i personally think that this forum need improvement, signature pictures is not difficult to handle and since nowadays internet speed is faster, shoud be no problem to load. Plus, the BBcode need improvements also, the spoiler cannot use la~

(magicman) #8

yeah…even if the people use pics in signature that’s not allowed oso no problem, coz our admins are active enough to ban them in 24 hrs xD

(whatman) #9

I like to see image signature too but let it have its limit.

Anyway we shouldn’t worry about offensive signature. One can simply report and let mod handle it.