Forummers Real Name

Just asking this, as I’m too shy to ask for your real name in person (after few months knowing your nicknames but not your real names) Haha. So I’ll start the list.

(admin/mods, if you find this is inappropriate please delete it)

  1. [-shane-] - Shane
  2. hyperactive - Jiaren
  3. Stef - Stef
  4. Saf - Safri
  5. Marytingsc - mary ting
  6. Lim Pek - Jason

sounds ok to me…

2.hyperactive - Jiaren

I wonder what ians’ real name is…?lol


stupidhead = stupid head

Alvino77 = Owen Hargreaves

sorry, I cannot reveal due to unspecified overseas intelligence agency monitoring this forum


Marytingsc = mary ting

oi, dun simply reveal ur real name in the public
later ISA ppl will look 4 u worrr

Ya lo… the net provides some sort of safety. However, despite the fact that we can’t see each other face to face, a well educated IT personnel can still track you down identifying the unique IP address… that kinda sucks though… so no where on this earth is perfectly safe, even on cyber net… so here goes,
radicaldreamer = radicaldreamer

I guess for safety purpose, U could always ask our fellow forumer’s via PM for their real names. Just so no Local Authorities, Government Agent’s or Men in Black come knocking on their doorstep’s.

Here’s mine: Doug Stanhope Sam Kinison

A bit of a sidetrack, here’s something about MySpace… music…

ian = I Am Ned

hope that stirs more confusion. G’bye, ya’ll! :lol:

actually my real name is Michael James Owen :lol:

another way 2 find out d forumers real name is 2 join d upcoming event here.

Gud luck n c u ter soon… :wink:

nvm lar… blind will know my name lar…
well, i heard that our login name can change rite? how ah??

pm (admins) Jack or Ryna

Yes… Jack is going to help me on my login name! Yeah~`Thanks so much!!

My new userid will be Goolooloo…

REMEMBER !!! Goolooloo = Marytingsc

haha … goolooloo means what??

loo loo mean sa sa de :slight_smile: