Forum Feedback

Hi Jack, maybe you should change the layout more to community forum because when i ask few guys to visit all they see was job vacancy website…but after i visit the front page its true that it felt more like job seeking website than community. Lowyat forum thrives because it looks more forum/community orientated.

I’m not much into facebook except posting positive development on tech education but seeing miricommunity in facebook felt like out of space. ‘No real engaging content’ to see but news and people harassing each other… site used to be very informative and social thing. Let revive and get back to our good old full content social on ‘real’ forum. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @allokitty - have to split this into a new topic for clarity. Honestly have been shamelessly doing A/B testing on this for a long time. Based on collected data & feedback, you are right. I’m sure with the help of the community, we’ll get back on track soon.

Very good to hear Jack, i’m sure more people will return back to the forum since Facebook and other media platform started to stagnant. You might notice your website by now despite aged for more than decades still keep interesting topic to read through historical archived of topics and via google SEO than Facebook where it keep ‘sinking’ users contribution/posting every hour. I wanted to post more R/C stuff in this forum, now i have to find back my buddies and talk some cool stuff in here. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need help. :slight_smile:

Strange, i cannot post more than 2 consecutive reply on my hobby threads even they are days apart. Could you make some adjustment since my post isn’t trolling/spam standard.

I think it’s the forum system Trust issue. I’ve elevated your profile to Trust Level 3 - let’s see how it goes.

Thanks bro… thats helps a lot. :wink:

Tried… but doesn’t work. Can’t post anything unless someone replies after my previous post.

Found out there is also another settings for the number of allowable consecutive replies which defaulted to 3 only. Have increased that to a larger number to facilitate overall moderation tasks. Some forums like long-form replies with edits. But I prefer smaller bits where we can manage a topic by moving the off-topic replies.