Format Pc?

i try to set up my pc. Set firt boot to CD. when i tried boot from cd by pressing spce bar but it restart again. i try & restart again. can some one help me. tq

Did u try not to press space bar after u restart?

or go to the bios setup and instruct the pc to boot from your cd…

  1. The CD you use might not be bootable
  2. Your CD-ROM Drive might cause the problem by not able to read the CD properly
  3. Your BIOS setting could be wrong
  4. CD you use is scratch or unreadable
  5. What boot CD are you using?

explain in more detail…

i already set the bios to cd rom for priority reading. then boot from cd i clik spce bar but it restart agaian n again. y this happen? i just changed my hdd n upgrade to XP2. but now my pc too slow caused of Trojan horse! that y i want to format it. pls help me…tq

i still don’t understand what you’re trying to say -.- sadly >< more detail step by step pls

Is the CD you are using bootable? Try to test that CD on another working computer to verify whether the CD you are using can boot properly or not.

just take off ur hdd n make it as slave on any other pc.After de hdd is empty,put it back n clean install xp once again.I think dat will do de trick.

what CD was it? whatever it is, you need a bootable CD

i think he did use bootable coz he said “when he tried to boot from cd” coz mayb he tried to press space bar when he see the screen “Press any key to boot from CD” but when he press the space bar, the comp restart.

Can be the bootable CD has problem… or the CD drive has problem…

The boot file can be corrupted too…

Yes like luciser said. until now i can’t solve d problem. anywy thanks for d rspon

Are you using SATA hard drive? If I’m not mistaken WinXP have difficulty installing on a SATA drive. But it should work if you have all your sata drivers in a floppy. You can load the drivers by pressing F6 when booting the CD.

i dont have problems installing winxp on a sata hdd O.o

From my experience I have no problem booting & installing XP or Vista using SATA HDD.

But I do have PROBLEMS when wanna install Vista in SATA HDD. Strange…

I never had problem installing WinXP into SATA HDD… but RAID probably is another story.

How to resolve that problem then? Sorry if seems off topic here but I really need to know this…

i’m using 4 SATA HDD with RAID with WINXP and still got no problem…

How to install Vista in SATA HDD? Please anyone can tell me?