Format laptop at a cheaper price!

Helping my friend to promote his buisness. He will help you to format your laptop at a cheaper price. :smiley:
anything just PM me :smiley:

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normally i got RM30 per-format with crack of any window 7… is your friend do cheaper than that?

Hw much to format a laptop window vista?

rm 10 ?

Format pc / laptop is a pretty easy job to do. With drivers os, windows cracker … looking for drivers online … install microsoft office. Easy enough ready in half an hour. I do work a few years ago I volunteered to students who have a problem on their laptop. That is if I am in a good mood. If not I will inflict charge RM20. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

cheaper than rm30 consider cheap arr…uhuhu… window 7 unlimited crack!

sorry late reply everyone. He can give you cheap price. and if you want any add-ons like a software or any things you need to laptop he can give you. Not basically all but if you give him the name he will. :smiley:

He don’t do format for window vista because the demands are not there plus windows 7 is use by a lot of people now. So he only format window 7. :smiley:

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u can try compunet- Mr. Lucas 085 663063