FOR SALE Penang Package Voucher

Selling our 3D2N Star Cruise + Flamingo Hotel Stay Voucher

Reason for sale: My friend and I decided at the last minute and we oversee the conditions for the voucher which inquires us to at least discuss with the travel agent 21 days before. However, we won’t be having any holidays after this and we don’t want to put it to waste.

Price: Will tell you if you email me (

and I can help you as well (as best as i can) if you have any other questions.

Please, I really don’t want to put the ticket to waste. Our parents don’t really go for these kind of travel as well. They’d rather stay at home sadly… :frowning:

*Asked the Groupon people and they allowed us to sell the voucher :smiley:

and no worries! I’m a Mirian myself whose studying in KL :smiley: