For Sale : Mitsubishi Evo 1-9 Parts

Hi guys , Item for Sale

  1. Evo 9 Headlamp - Pm me
  2. Evo 9 Rear lamp - Pm me
  3. Evo 1 Front Bodyparts - Rm 1,600
  4. Evo 3 Front Bodyparts - Rm 2,200
  5. C-west Fullset bodykit for Evo7-9 - PM me
  6. Varis Fullset Bodykit for Evo7-9 - Pm me
  7. Voltex Fullset Bodykit for Evo7-9 - Pm me
  8. Ing;s Fullset Bodykit for Evo7-9 - Pm me

looking for turbo. got kangtao?

wat type of power performance turbo u need?

heterodyne ,

wht kind of turbo u wan?? wht bhp u need on yur engine?

looking for 2 turbos actually

first one is gt30-gt35 kinda size(perfect one would be the new version gt3076r internally wastegated one.will consider gt42/45 or t51 kinda size too.)target is around 400-500whp

2nd one is gt28/gtrs kinda size for smaller cc around 200-250bhp

if got kantao pls feel free to pm me.

Hm … so yur target on bhp is ?? hmm got … if u wan i can pm u …

pls pm me

Bring up my Post !!!