For Sale : Honda Accord CB4

halo,where is the car pic?exterior,interior and engine pic???

i took the pic oledi , but haven upload to my laptop

c’mon buddy. boost up your sale with the pic, you’re just a mouse-click away with tha pictures that everyone’s been waiting for.
for ya :wink:

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wah…brother!! ur pic so heavy ah? or ur phone no bluetooth? we all wait till wan bcome rock lor!! :slight_smile: bump for u

Be rock … then good . hahahah … anyway , i got the pic d …but dono how to post up … mind to share ?

=.=!! or u send to my email then i post for u! hehehehe!! ko?

Ok , what is yur email address ??

pm u already

Picture Upload

y d cb4 looks like cb1 d? izzit original like this?

Yes, its ok original … u can c the real car … ehehe

it look cb3 to me :slight_smile:

CB1 - 5 all similar… its the small small features that differentiate them

hehe, anyway , if any1 interest please pm me … thanks

edited - not me post!

if u r realy serious we can talk bout it …

Hey i want ask do ur aircon controller is digital 1 or not digital, and do the car got SRS airbag and do the car twincam or single cam ? thanks !

ermmm, the first post said DOHC…

its digital … twin cam , for the SRS airbag im not sure bcoz im not the 1 who drive … lol

Bring Up My Post !! Price negotiate !!