FOR SALE: Complete package HOYT Compound Bow

All items in THIS LINK will be yours

:slight_smile: :mrgreen:

all item listed can easily cost over RM4000 if you buy BRAND NEW from USA or any dealer in KL


Hi Wandy,

We’ll meet up when i am back in Miri end october. Still out station.My draw length was 27.5 poundage shouldnt be a probblem used to draw 44/46 lb on 48" limbs with the recurve. Lets see if i am comfortable with your bow. I’ve always realesed with fingers. If everything’s ok hopefully i can afford your bow. SMS me 017-3777079. Maybe by then you’ve sold your bow :wink: Cheers anyway.

need to confirm about your drawlength, as this one has 26.5" specific/no adjustment on draw length. check your armspan if the result somewhere 26" to 27", that will be fine.

but anyway, I do advertise this in this site as well; … D=680&PN=1