For SALE: 2004 October Toyota Altis 1.6 facelift version

Wanna sell:

Toyota Altis 1.6
2004 October Facelift with LED tail lights
Black Color

Asking price is Rm50,000 (negotiable)
Bank can still loan Rm51,000

Interested call Alicia @ 013-8086066

Reason for sale : Change to Toyota Prius!

Prius FTW! free bump for you!


Anyway the car mileage is 141350km. Condition is very good.



My new Prius coming very soon. So need to let go very soon. Anyone? Willing to let go at Rm48k.

can arrange loan ka?

Can try. Got contact number so we can discuss the details?

this market value is 30k


for RM48k?

WOW car looks in pristine condition. Nice mileage too. Anyway free bump to TS. Cheers!

Anyway the car mileage is 141350km. Condition is very good.[/quote]

Due to that mileage (= 14 Years Old Car) , salesman adviced RM25K only. High maintenance cost if follow Toyota Recommended Service Record. :frowning:

Just to bring my two cents… just go around a try to buy a second hand car in Miri. A really bad Myvi model 2007, basic model, with high mileage (more than 130000) and not even clean will be sold for more than RM 25000 and is not even comparable by far to that toyota… I know this doesn’t make sense but there is no way to find a nice second hand car at RM 25000 K in Miri if you go outside the malaysian brands. Sell the toyota for RM 25K and you’ll find it soon enough for RM 45k in one of the dealers around here.