Foochow maintain close ties through social activities - Sii

KAPIT: Chairman of Kapit Foochow Association Sii Bang Ee said Foochow in Malaysia maintained close relationships through various social activities which fostered closer friendship, understanding and co-operation among one another.

“Despite the geographical divide, Foochow residing in East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) and the Federal Territory of Labuan and Brunei and those from West Malaysia have maintained close relationship through various social activities that had helped to enhance closer rapport, friendship, understanding and co-operation among one another.

“The Foochow through its associations are linked to one another. When an affiliate (Foochow) association members come from other district or state to Kapit, we welcome them with open arm to display our hospitality as hosts to our guests from far and near because we believe that Foochow clans belong to one family,” he said at a welcoming dinner for one hundred and five Foochow delegates from Peninsula Malaysia and other parts of Sarawak who paid a two-day goodwill visit to Kapit recently.

“Kapit is unique because it is an ‘island’ district located at the heart of Borneo. However, this will soon be a thing of the past because the road construction to link Kapit/Sibu is scheduled to be completed by 2018. By then, you can travel all the way to Kapit from Kuching, Sibu or Miri via Jalan Kanowit/Song/Kapit.

“Kapit is a land of beauty and the people regardless of race or religion are friendly and work well together,” said Sii Bang Ee.

Meanwhile, the visitors were led by Tan Ann Hin who is the chairman of Kluang Foochow Association, Tan was assisted by the chairman of Teluk Intan Foochow Association, Onn Lick Kwong. Also seen among them were president of the Federated Sarawak Foochow Association, Dato’ Ngu Piu Seng and chairman of Limbang Foochow Association, Dato Ngu Kui Ping.

Dato Ngu Kui Ping said this was a sight-seeing and cultural visit to Kapit.

“We hope the visit will help to foster closer ties among us and to make friends with Foochow all over the country,” he said.

The two-day activities included a dialogue session with Kapit Foochow Association, sight-seeing and educational tours to the traditional Iban longhouse Rumah Janduk, historic Fort Sylvia, the Mini Museum at the civic centre and the popular wet market, Market Teresang.

The highlight of the dinner was the Inter-Associations Karaoke Competition sponsored by Dato Ngu Kui Ping.

The winners in the men’s category were champion Tan Ann Hin from Kluang, Johor ,Ting Hua Kung of Kapit Foochow Association the second place winner and Wong Yan Lee of Taiping, Perak, the third.

In the ladies’ category, Tai Siew Hua from Teluk Intan, Perak emerged as the champion while in second place was her colleague , Lily Tan from Taiping, Perak and in third place was Ling Kok Hua from Kapit Foochow Association.

They received the prizes from Ngu Kui Ping.

Yesterday, the 105 visitors left Kapit to continue their visit to Sarikei before returning to their respective hometowns.

Among the visitors were the committee members from the various Foochow clan associations in Peninsula Malaysia and committee members of Sarawak Federated Foochow Associations.



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