Flying Doctor Service to resume operations, says Health Department

KUCHING: The Health Department Sarawak’s Flying Doctor Service will resume operations in Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Kapit, Bintulu and Miri – subject to weather conditions.

Starting in Sri Aman, the team will be at Rumah Mamut, Langgir and Rumah Munggu Sawa, Pantu on March 16; Rumah Rimong, Begantong and Rumah Lidom, Sungai Paya on March 17; Rumah Bada, Nanga Talong and Rumah Nyandang, Ulu Akup on March 18; and Rumah Bawie, Ulu Lemanak on March 19.

In Kapit, the team is expected at Long Singut on March 16; Rumah Achau and Rumah Layang on March 17; Rumah Ai Jalin on March 18; Long Unai on March 19; Sang Anau and Batu Keling on March 22; Long Jawe and Long Kebuho on March 23; Long Tanyit on March 24; Punan Busang and Lusong Paku on March 25; and Long Kajang and Long Abit on March 26.

In Miri, the team will be at Ba Laman on March 16; Ba Itam on March 17; Ba Abang on March 18; Long Tebangan on March 19; Long Palai on March 22; and Apau Nyaring on March 23.

In Samarahan, they will be at Plaie Atas and Pendawan on March 22; SK Tuba Tengah on March 23; and Muding and Kampung Ijok on March 24.

In Bintulu, the flying doctor service will be at Rumah Drick, Jelalong, Tubau and Rumah Jerangku, Tubau on March 24; Rumah Bakat, Ulu Kakus and Long Biyak, Ulu Kakus on March 25; and Rumah Unang, Sigu and Rumah Imban, Sigu on March 26.

In Kuching, the team will be at Kampung Sapit and Kampung Rejoi Nyegol on March 25; and at Kampung Muk Ayun and Kampung Bojong Sting on March 26.

“The people in these mentioned areas are advised to wait for the flying doctor service at their respective residences and longhouses,” said the department in a statement.

For more information, call senior medical assistant from the Primary Care Unit, Sem Baling, via 082-473 268 / 016-572 5040.

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