Floor Depot Shop

Hi all, any of you here knows where is the best shop to buy floor wood in Miri. One shop i know is in Seberkas & Imperial Mall. Plan want to do DIY for my house. Thanks for help… :mrgreen:

how much you wanted to buy? type of wood?

I need around 500 pieces and recommended on Jati type wood…

that would be around 1000 sqft plus… so u wan the natural wood type or the normal type? i think you also need to form and the molding too

ru selling this bro…but i would like to know the shop but what the different natural and the normal type one…which is the best… :slight_smile:

laminate 1 easy to put one less jobs. the natural wood 1 many works. plus the material also different 1 is HDfiberboard VS natural wood.

Nice thread i also want to know where is the best shop selling floor depot.

i used to be a salesman for one of the flooring company, now i just helping my friend. if you interested, do pm ur contact, i will ask my friend to go look for u

lcsiong, i’m looking for floor wood as well… can you please get your friend to PM me as well… i dont know how to use PM or not qualified yet… thanks…

Any depot shop selling this type of wood floor.I think this one is solid wood.

hardly anyone buying this anymore, as it is very easy to get loose. plus it a lot of work putting it in as well. dirt very easy hide between the crack as well, ant like to make a nest too… happen to me few time.

lcsiong… Any price for the laminated floor as you mention for one square feet?

it depend on what type of wood, thinnest, colour and pattern of wood you want. all have different price

This one really easy to maintain than laminated or vinyl . Once scratch sand it back and colour with varnish it will be look nice. My house no problem with the ant.

Did you know shop selling this type of wood floor.

mahogany from indo is best, it has natural insect repellant oils