Floods in Tinjar, Apoh worsen as rain continue to fall

Aerial view of the flood at Sg Bong, Tinjar Baram — Photo courtesy of Bomba Marudi

Long Teran is hit by flood yesterday morning.

MIRI: Floods in many parts of Tinjar and Apoh region in Baram continued to worsen yesterday as more villages, schools and clinics were inundated as of 4pm.

According to Marudi Education Department (PPD), five schools in the district were forced to close yesterday.

The schools are SK Long Sobeng, SK Long Jegan, SK Long Ikang, SK Long Bemang and SK Long Loyang.

Meanwhile, Marudi Fire and Rescue (Bomba) station chief, who wished to known only as Maureen, said she and her team carried out aerial monitoring on the flood situation across Tinjar, Sungai Tutoh, Ulu Teru, Sungai Bong and Sungai Baram yesterday.

“From on our aerial monitoring today (Tuesday), we saw several longhouses located in low lying areas have been flooded.

“In Tinjar, most of the longhouses below Long Loyang are flooded, while in Apoh region, Long Bemang remains inundated,” said Maureen.

The villages downstream of Long Loyang that were flooded yesterday were Kampung Long Jegan, Kampung Long Teran A, Long Teran B, Long Teran Kiri, Long Teran Batu.

Other longhouses in Ulu Teru reported to be flooded yesterday were Rh Unsam Ancha, Rh Kalong Goh, Rh Manggi Adam Long Tisam, Rh Dullah Tawas, Rh Mathew Sigat Ligong, Rh Kajan Sigeh and Rh Ugak Kalang.

In Marudi, the affected longhouses were Rh Chabob Diau Lubok Amam, Rh Vincent Kiu (Tanjung Opar), Rh Mugang (Tanjong Opar), Rh Jipun Jantan (Tanjung Opar) ,Kuala Tutoh and Kampung Benawa.

Flood situation at Long Bemang yesterday.

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