Floods in low-lying areas inundate roads, houses

Several areas at Jalan Tun Jugah and BDC are hit by flash floods due to the heavy downpour.

KUCHING: Flash floods have been reported in low-lying areas throughout the city, inundating roads and several residential areas yesterday.

Among the affected areas were Jalan Durian Burung, Jalan Rock, Jalan Arang, Jalan Tong Wei Tah, Jalan Ketitir, Jalan Hui Sing, Jalan Sekama, Jalan Merdeka Plaza, Kampung Sinar Budi, Kampung Rantau Panjang and Kampung Tabuan Dayak.

Sections of major roads leading in and out of the city inundated by the flash floods slowed down traffic during the evening rush hour.

Food rations being delivered to flood victims in Miri.

In a statement, the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) said flood water had risen to about 60 cm in Kampung Tabuan Dayak which inundated the road and a few houses in the area as of 4.30pm yesterday.

Personnel from the Tabuan Jaya fire station on patrol in the area reported that the Tabuan river was swollen due to the high volume of rain water.

Patrols were also conducted by Bomba at Kampung Sungai Nada along Jalan Tabuan Tranquility. As of 5.30pm, Bomba also reported that the water level at Sungai Sarawak Kanan was steadily rising due to the high tide and the high volume of rain water.

Meanwhile in Miri Division, the Welfare Department (JKM) has distributed a total of 843 packs of food ration to those affected by the flood.

A woman wades through waist-deep water in Iris Garden, which is badly hit by flash floods. — Photo courtesy of Daphne Ling

Areas where the food rations were distributed were Kuala Tutoh, SK Kuala Tutoh, Lubok Nibong Pasar Lama, Rumah Asong Linei, Rumah Lajang Linei, Rumah Anthony Linei, Rumah Sumping Linei, Rumah Rok Linei Long Patan, Long Pahlo, Long Ukok, Rumah Malor Sator, Logan Tassan, Stapang A, Stapang B, Stapang C, Stapang D and Stapang E.

According to a statement from the State Disaster Management Committee, a total of 59 areas in Miri; namely in Telang Usan (six), Marudi (37) and Beluru (16) were affected by flood.

Ten schools in Marudi were affected by flash floods, however, no teachers and students were affected as the schools are currently closed for the year-end holidays.

Also involved in the operation in Miri were personnel from the Civil Defence Force, the police and Marudi District Office.

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