Flood relief centre set up in Marudi Civic Centre

An elderly man was evacuated from his home in Kampung Narum Marudi yesterday after water level rose to four feet in his house.

MIRI: A flood evacuation centre has been opened at 4.45pm yesterday in Marudi Civic Centre.

In a statement released at 6.30pm yesterday, State Disaster Management Committee secretariat head Major (PA) Ismail Mahedin said a total of 11 victims from two families had been evacuated from Kampung Padang Kerbau. The victims were evacuated after flood water inundated their house.

In a statement earlier, Ismail said APM also evacuated an elderly man from Kampung Narum Marudi to higher ground after the water level at his house rose to four feet.

Flood victims at the evacuation centre in Marudi yesterday.

“Based on monitoring at Marudi Town until this afternoon, we concluded that the water level had receded slowly from the level this morning. The water level in Baram river rose following heavy rain in the upper area last night,” he said.

He added that the ferry service across Baram river and the petrol station in Marudi were still operating.

“The ferry station is still operating though the road at Kuala Ridan (heading towards the ferry) is flooded and not passable by small vehicles and motorcycles,” he said.

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