Fishermen in Miri continue landing giant grouper

MIRI: Fishermen have been landing huge groupers ranging from 100kg to 250kg in Miri waters of late.

Last Thursday, a grouper weighing 168kg was sold to a seafood restaurant in the city.

Ive bought 10 big grouper fish since my restaurant started business in July last year, which shows Miri has a bountiful supply of monster fish, the restaurant owner, who only wished to be identified as Ah Tai, told The Borneo Post.

Ah Tai said he bought most of the giant groupers last July.

Although he did reveal that he bought the fish from several fishermen, he declined to disclose their identities for fear of competition from other buyers.

All the grouper fish were sold to me as they are in demand in my restaurant because of the fishs nice and tasty flesh, said Ah Tai.

Once you taste this kind of fish, you will come back to eat it.

Declining to disclose how much he paid for the giants, he did however say that even the scales of the fish are useful as they contain collagen and are used for making soup.

Its a good business for me and the fishermen because we seldom see and catch so many groupers, he added.

According to him, the fishermen only use fishing hooks to catch the big fish in the deep sea.

On Nov 1 last year, Ah Tai bought a grouper weighing 160kg, followed by a 175-kg fish on Oct 4.

He said later that month, the same fisherman caught two more grouper weighing 160kg and 250kg respectively, and on another trip another grouper weighing 150kg.