First time spend my Birthday in Miri, where to go?

Shopping centers full of our friends and neighbours spending their year-end bonus…so not going there
No one at home…so no family dinner

Will go to the beach and be thankful for the past year!


Firefox, Centre Point Bistro, Skycity or the Kings paradise for birthday bashers

Terminal Karaoke, Balcony, finally relax at Celebrity or Alfresco.

Beach Republic…there’s the beach, food and drinks…place to hang out with couple of friends under the stars…

open air market

Celebrities…thats a cool hangout. looks like the rain is coming but still goin to beach republic! any single ladies want to come for a drink? :lol:

club infinity… BEST !!

most IMPORTANT thing…


go back home, cry out loud, pray to the lord for the better luck next day and so on… sleep early, watching titanic…uhuhu… go outside/outing night during festive time and you gonna get drunk but who gonna take care of you?
youtube, youjizz, google, facebook, tagged… try it now - social network - if you planning to have a blind date during your bday time…uhuhu

try something new. go to rumah asaps

hv a bbq party with frends… :slight_smile: