First thing you say when you wake up

dasolve - argh… work again…

coolman_wrx - Is another good day :slight_smile:

alarm: wake up!
me: …
alarm: wake up a!!
me: …
alarm: OI, WAKE UP LIAO!!!

toto magnum cum cum

d a m n…im late!!

■■■■! (if bangun late again) or… wah, luckily! (if bangun awal or ngam2) :mrgreen:

is this your nursing article?? hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

arrrrr… wish i can onleave …

thank you Lord for im still ‘kicking’

Telling myself that i’m the happiest person in da world… :mrgreen:

I’m still here?

I’m still here?

how i wish today is holiday!

ei? who’s bed is this?

“tdo blt kejap lok, 5 minit jak, alang2…” then overslept haha :smiley: after tht, rushing lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Time? Ohh…

fnck! 8:30 already!!

1st thing i said when i wake up?

uuuuuhhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…streaching my arms and legs…

wah “brother”…why u always wake up earlier than me ar??? :mrgreen:

" D’oh "