Fireman and volunteer unitsin tedious clean-up process

MIRI: The floods in Miri and Lambir districts have cleared.

After two days of flood-woes, Miri Fire and Rescue personnels and volunteer fire-fighters are at the frontline again - this time to help in cleaning up rural homes hit by floods.

The Fire and Rescue department deployed mechanical-pumps to flood- hit kampungs to suck out water and mud from homes.

Riverine villages along Sungai Liam located in the rural Lambir district were among the badly-hit.

House owners in riverine kampungs along Sungai Liam in Lambir district near Miri cleaning up their flooded homes.
Houses there were under about a metre of water for two days since Wednesday morning.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Supt Law Poh Kiong yesterday said the floods have receded.

“Our staff and volunteer units in the kampungs are now helping residents with the clean-up.

“Mechanical pumps are being used,” he said yesterday.

In the meantime, the flooded section of the Miri to Bintulu route of the Pan Borneo Highway is opened to all vehicles again.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department personnel and volunteer fire-fighters aiding villagers in flood clean-up operations by providing mechanic pumps to suck out water from homes.
For the past two days, the KM 31 section was hit by floods and closed to traffic.

In Miri city, the city council have been receiving complaints that the two days of floods have caused the blockage of drainage systems in residential areas.

Mayor Adam Yii yesterday said the council have given its ground workers one-week to clean-up the flood debris.

The floods hit major housing and industrial estates in Miri city and its outskirts.