Fire near the Bintang Plaza! Pic attached

Title indicated, how does it happen?
EDIT: My dad told me that the wooden house behind the Bintang Plaza is on fire on the phone just now! :shock:

celebrate new year. Don worry.

ya…i heard thats, and trafiic chao around that area, anyone know what going on??

Parkson on fire,anyone?True?Can see heavy smoke from boulevard

Unsure info… the construction building is on fire? (according to my dad…) Anyway, which place is on fire?

parkson new building get big big fire… got dark dark smoke out out to the sky…
got few bomba car Bi Bor Bi bor go there save the building…
So many mirian & bruneian enjoy to watch the New year opening ceremory show…
Dont know got invite dato dato, datin, datin or not…
Anyway, Happy new year 2009!!!

I merged three topics into one… so from here we can all focus on the story…

any update? any pictures to load? Please do… :wink:

we want pictures :smiley:

I was there but I was watching from Imperial Mall (looking for new handphone). The fire was from the newly construction section of Bintang Plaza. Too bad I don’t have the camera at that time.

Not surprised at all. Rubbish are everywhere in the site. All you need is a very hot weather and a heat source.

update: heard the fire is damn huge at the newly constructed rooftop.

well i guess that’s what the workers do to celebrate HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 lol…no information about this news…maybe tomorrow newspaper will have that news

PICS HERE from my friend:

furthermore… their scaffold is make of bamboo… fire hazard too…

was there, The fire basically engulfed a section of the the top floor… Black smoke tells me its not burning only wood… rubbish anyone??

someone left the bbq fire unattended after the party ? …

burn baby, burn!!

:shock: :shock: :shock:

passed thru the area just now…still on fire…top floor of new building…want to claim insurans money maybe bcoz global crisis…the bomba just nothing la…just make themselves busy by walking here and there…i dun see any action from them…maybe i missed it…

Heard something from my dad, rumour about natural gas used to generate the power for the air conditioner. Anyone can confirm if it is indeed the gas make the building explode on the rooftop?

that looks like the equipment room for a/c chillers.