Finding Private Tutor for SPM Biology(URGENTLY)

I’m looking for a private tutor that can teach biology well.
Prefer tuition at night(Mon and Wed).
PM me if interested.
Or sms me at 0168531312.

this one doesnt need tuition… just reading?.. tips! read read… but i dont… thats why i got B4 hehe… too lazy… just scan through and practiced past year questions… and few model questions…

Need leh.
Read many times also don’t understand.
I can’t catch what’s my teacher teaching in class.
She talks toooo fast lah.
Im lazy to study also

in class seriously i myself dont concentrate… i always pretend reading my books hehehe… but well maybe end of the month when SPM almost came only i started to boost up myself to study… hehe…

nvm la if not pro in bio then opt for phy enuf lor…

study well now…don nex time u regret this n that

lols totally agreed wth itekojin
but also agreed wth eugene style of studying smart same as me …

No enough lah… Result not pretty if BIO fail…
Regret because no study hard in form4…
So stress everyday need study study study
Haiz hope Spm will be canceled soon like UPSR,
So that ppl won’t suffer again!

No enough lah… Result not pretty if BIO fail…
Regret because no study hard in form4…
So stress everyday need study study study
Haiz hope Spm will be canceled soon like UPSR,
So that ppl won’t suffer again![/quote]

wont fail de la…spm passing grade very very low de…juz do more exercise and hafal some facts enuf…for me macam buat sejarah nia…

my bio also fail alot la in form 4… hehe form 5 too… only semester 2 shoot up improvement from 30-40 to 60-70 hehehe…

1 ever get 8% in my form 4 bio. But I managed to get A1 in SPM without any tuition. Maybe can try below:

1st, wat u need to do is, try to love tat subject.
but how to “generate” d love?–(tips, tis is wat i do b4)

  1. u need to buy some bio exercise books and 1 good reference book. Exercise book–need 2buy some exercise book that content questions according to topic, and some with the model SPM questions(d one that 1 paper content questions from all topic). u also need to buy 1 reference book. I suggest u buy Pelangi or Sasbadi. (last time i use 2 of d brand).

  2. set the date that u think u want to begin ur biology study (try to set it to Saturday of Sunday, so tat u can study 1whole day). For example, if u set to study on 17May, so on 16May-u try to finish up wit ur outstanding “task”. “Task” here is referring to Movie series, games, shopping, try to play and enjoy, n remind urself tat after tat day, u wil need to start study.

3)how to begin? D nite b4, u need to sleep early. On the study day, u need to wake up early in the morning, if can-try to avoid talk 2d others, just wake up n terus study.Try to read the reference book 1st n understanding it, make some highlighting n note. After tat, try d exercise at the back n exercise book (d one that got exercise for all topic). For me, i just straight away read the questions n refer to the answer at the back. (b’coz in my opinion, tis method will make me, not confuse on why my answer is not same wit the real answer). Actually, d question in the SPM wil more or least same way of asking wit most of the exercises.

  1. do tis for all the topic until finish. after that, u can try the model questions. Maybe some wil think tat, this method is impossible or hard to be done, cz very lazy n no mood, but I tell u, when u started on d 1st day, u wil feel tat u start to have d study feeling n sometimes, wil study none-stop b’coz u will feel tat u wan to know more n feel u already confidence that atleast u already finish 1 topic n understanding atleast 80%.

Pls bear in mind, study n good result is for urself n not for others. So, motivate urself a bit, although u really feel lazy, remember u got no rugi to study hard. (i always say that to myself). Now susah but later u can enjoy the fruit.

Good luck in ur exam! :slight_smile:

i recommend SUCCESS by oxford fajar, because i used that… depends on u whether which book suits u… no need multiple reference books, only exercise books

Hi , I agree with Snoopy. You need to focus yourself and make some adjustments in your daily timetable.
Believe in your capabilities. I also strongly believe, you need to get hold of past year exam questions and go through them. That will roughly give you an idea how are the questions asked and what is required from you. You will also see that there is a trend of topics that are always in the exam- so focus more on those topics. Talk to your seniors and you may get some good advise.
of course you must choose ONE revision book to help you. DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE BY HAVING 2-3 revision books per subject. Choose one and stick to it.
Should you need help to enhance your concentration in the subject, you can PM me for self hypnosis. I am willing to share this knowledge with you and your friends. PM me and I will try to arrange for a session. You can have your parents as well as as your friends who may want to benifit from this session.
Have a good day… and I hope you will do well in your exams.