Finding miniature schnauzer!

anyone know in miri where can buy tminature schnauzer puppy ???i wan buy :?

try find shane,shane is a puppy seller in the forum… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: gt…

no people sell ma ??? i really want this dog …

Sui… u can try PM Reno911 or [url=]Nightwatch

I strong believe either one of them can surely lead you to finding one…

they got sell o ?

sUI… Please check your PM…

Hi I am Edward here from Kuching. Actually i am also looking for a mini schauzer at the moment but cant seem to find in Kuching, Just checking out whether there’s any in Miri.

sui8852 & edwardchia

Mini Schnauzer is not popular here and so far I have never heard of anyone breeding in Miri. Plus not many groomers can or know the ‘schnauzer cut’. In fact, personally i don’t know anyone that does it here.

Will PM you guys if i came across any :wink:

Thanks reno911… actually i am trying t look for a small dog which doesn’t shred a lot… is there any you can recommend?

CHi wa wa might suit you.

:slight_smile: well chi wa wa is a little too small for me… in fact it will be a companion for my rottweiler … Chi wa wa er… too small… what about any pug? Beagle?

i just wan miniature schnauzer!! haiz … find till now till even 1 person have … so sad

To the person from Kuching: If you want a purebred, there may be some for you to adopt at the shelter in a few days. Just wait for my pm will ya?

really hard to find it … miniature schnauzer who got sell !!!

any one found any schnauzer yet lately?

I have one male miniature schnauzer 3 months old. With mka cert. Call me. Price negotiable. 0163487671.

Miniature schnauzer available
Dob 15/08/2022