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Im currently searching for a suitable uni for my IT computing course. Still confuse with what are the criteria to consider while choosing a uni. I prefer uni/college though. STPM result with CGPA 2.5. Please help.

First of all , ensure thats the course that you’re interested in. cuz u need to work as it for 50 years of your life. choose wisely alright?
Secondly your course must have recognition from government. to ensure u have job after u graduated.
For me the campus location must be in town area so that you no need to worry about food, public transport. And also whether got hostel provided?
Lecturer experience also very important. Wifi facilities ( Free Wifi ) is a must-have.
Last one is the the fee structure is affordable for you.

Agree with the criteria that u talked about. nvr know we have to think so much. thanks for enlightening me. lastly, I would like to listen to your recommendation of uni or college regarding this Network & Mobile Computing programme… any suggestion ?if possible, i would like to ask for scholarship provided in that uni/college or not. otherwise educational loan also can… but what is the procedure to apply for it ? mind to explain?

for IT programming course, i think INTI college one is good. this course has got the recognition from University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. … rumseeding

[quote=“susanchong”]for IT programming course, i think INTI college one is good. this course has got the recognition from University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. … rumseeding[/quote]
my concert is what programming language we would able to be learn computing course in inti 8)

erm actually for PTPTN right, let say u chose INTI college k, then INTI collge will provide PTPTN financial assistance for those in INTI college one… so bascially u worry nothing. whereas for scholarship, if u get good result in SPM before, then u can get scholarship too.