Find any job..(RM1800 above)

i wan find any job but the salary must between RM1800 above…

hai liang1511,welcome to…hope you like it here…i suggest you list out your qualification and certificate…or go to classified,choose jobs…try look in there… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: good luck…

1800 and above? come kch and work at komag…salary 3-4K…

spm also can get 3-4k lo.

come to kl salary 4-5k

if not wrong, miri here got one company needs alot employees, fresh grad price rm1500 thou.
yea, truth is; not u wan any job, is any job wan u? so do clarify n list out ur general qualification pls. tq.

can you be more specific… What kind of Job do you have in mind? I know somebody whois looking for a Sales & Marketing Executive and also in journalism. If you’re interested, PM me ya or you can email me your CV at


What you have Vs What you want is the issue here to get RM1800. Good Luck

pm me ur qualification n resume…

cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

wah…so gd ah? work as wat?