Find an ophthalmologist

Will Miri ophthalmologists who treat astigmatism thing?

Your Miri option would be Glasses or contact lenses (affordable) Laser surgery (costly) KL, S’pore maybe also Kuching.

Mild astigmatism may not need to be corrected.
Glasses or contact lenses will correct astigmatism, but do not cure it.
Laser surgery can help change the shape of the cornea surface to eliminate astigmatism, along with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

if astigmatism is under 100 ist call mild astigmatism?
between i also dono how to check for my glasses ist have provide astigmatism or not? =/
and between if do the Laser surgery its will have the side effects?

Suggest as a first start, visit a local Optometrist to diagnose your condition and advise accordingly on the methods of correction available for your consideration. This can be done with a minimal fee without agreeing to purchase any corrective glasses or contact lenses (some will do it for free). You can also seek out a second or third opinion (after all there are quite a few Optometry outlets in Miri) and cross reference their respective findings to help you decide what you want or what’s best for you.