Final call for 12-12-12 babies

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Monday March 12, 2012
Final call for 12.12.12 babies

PETALING JAYA: With the last triple date of the century just nine months away, couples planning for a 12.12.12 baby have about a week left to conceive and increase their chances.

It may be close to impossible to plan for a natural birth on that date, but women who conceive between March 5 and 19 will have a higher chance of giving birth during the week, said Universiti Malaya Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology lecturer Prof Dr Jamiyah Hassan.

However, this calculation assumes that a woman has a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, and that the first day of her last menstrual period is March 5.

It also assumes that the expectant mother will go into labour on her due date of Dec 12.

The duration of pregnancy is about 40 weeks but more than 90% of pregnant women will deliver between 37 and 40 weeks, with an average being 38 weeks, said Prof Jamiyah, adding that the calculation could only give an estimation of an expectant mother’s due date.

Even when couples opt for an elective Caesarean section, doctors have to ensure that the pregnancy has at least reached 38 weeks by Dec 12, which means that the woman will have to be pregnant by mid-March.

Delivering a baby earlier than that will increase the risk of prematurity, and that is not desirable even for designer’ babies, said Prof Jamiyah, adding that there were surgical risks and long term implications in Caesarean sections, including scar ruptures in subsequent labour.

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, who delivered a full-term baby through Caesarean section last Nov 11 (11.11.11), said that the idea of an auspicious date was mostly based on cultural and religious beliefs.

However, she believes that every day is a good day to deliver a baby as it depends on what the parents make of it.

If the parents think that their baby is cursed’ just because he or she is born on a certain date, then the baby is doomed.

But if they look upon it as a blessing, then the baby is in for a good start, said Dr Nor Ashikin.

Both doctors have not received requests from women to give birth on Dec 12 yet, but they are sure that they would not risk a pregnant mother or a baby’s life just to achieve that elusive auspicious date.

If you are in a rush, let it be a legitimate one… :slight_smile: