Film SLR Camera (FSLR) Nikon

Anyone’s still using FSLR nowadays? Need some of your opinion and ideas about the benefits of FSLR compare to DSLR. As well as, the comparison of the quality after wash out. Which one is better, FSLR or DSLR?

i would not advise if you purposely go and buy FSLR if you do not have 1, unless it’s free from your friends or relative, it’s ok…

digital is easier to share, cheaper to run
quality will always depend on the skill of the user/photographer

Film photography still have its place among enthusiast. It may be viewed as out-of-date but those who still does it, will never want to totally leave it. It has its own charm and, debatably, a better end results due to it higher dynamic range.

Of course, you may not want to buy a brand new film slr (that is if you can still find one) since it is “old tech”, but second hand units in very good condition are still very much around for a much more starter-affordable price. So I wouldn’t say that you should rule it out totally. If you have the budget, try out both.

DSLR are of course much more convenient and cost-efficient in the sense that you won’t need to spend that much on films.

I cam across some readings which I find to be really helpful and interesting, though I’m not sure whether you’ve read it before since it is posted on another forum some time ago. Do let me know, if you’re interested and I’ll pm you the links.

Thanks for the opinions and ideas, people. Yeah, I do have one Nikon FSLR camera with four big lenses which include basic lens, portrait lens, and another two more. It was given by my grandpa and I think it’s not worth to sell it as it might be valueable in the future, :slight_smile: (Could be an antique…) Gonna try it out and compare the diff between FSLR and DSLR soon…btw MarSFusioN, could you please pm me the links? Thanks…