Film Screen - The Day After Peace

11th October, 2009 (Sunday, 2pm) - Save this date !

What is peace to you? What kind of peace do you seek? What would you do to make peace with the world?
Join in on a relaxing Sunday afternoon to view the journey of a man who fought for his version of peace.

For the first time, Sarawak Film Society is bringing in an independent film to promote arts, culture and peace to the community of Miri.

Come support this cause.

Date: 11th Oct, 2009 (Sun)
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: Pustaka Miri (AV Room)
Entrance Fee: No donations, no fee, just your attendance

For more information, you may contact Kenny Nyallau ( who is the Vice President of Sarawak Film Society and the organiser of this event.

Hi chez…thanks for the ads. Prolly i’m going to attend that film screen :slight_smile:

Yeah, kaybee.

It would be a great one! Bring all ya friends and family. Just come a little earlier, as we have limited seats.