Fight for Food (Made in Miri)

It seems mirian likes the movies eh …

Mr Hee!! u kill ur best friend for a pack of “hei tang”!! LOL!!

p.s: dun spy around xing zhou again =p

in the 2nd video, when the tang soo doo guy start to punch, the camera should be behind him or behind the yellow t-shirt guy
if from side way, can see clearly the hand tak kena (like hindustan/tamil movie)

where the gun shot wound?
suddenly kuar darah from mouth?

LOL… so lame this movie. Just for a food and then wanna fight like cats and dogs?

I can see that they really like shooting. keep it up!!

then u make them as a racer in your Miritial D la… this one really fail… Miritial D better

Aiyo… this one is humour de… yea… know them in real life… Miritial D… WE NEED SPONSER!!

thank Q!! :smiley: we will try our best in stage 2!! but we need sponsor… :lol:

sponsor S15 for u drift wan?

we nid gal gal for countdown… we nid gal gal to have a love story scene… :lol:

my avatar gal ok boh?


can can =D
“wei you wek!”

weird movie but bravor for the hardwork in making this movie … :slight_smile:


Wats the point of the video??

Bloody Miri’s pai kia videos to glamourise gangsterism! Actors have typical Miri gangster’s look which look like chee b_i and think they’re so cool!Down with gangsterism and stop glamourising them :mrgreen: