wah,kecik kecik sudah pandai oh…


at least u all smile and forget/release monday working mood…

Bulak enda Encego diberap indu bajik bakanya, anang gik kitai ke udah besai tuai tok, hahahaha

Sori Jako Iban :mrgreen:
Have a nice Monday :mrgreen:

this show that the boy is normal… hahaha :mrgreen:

The gal shoud be charged with child molest!!

i wondered her arm felt it or not o.o

this kind of thread are not deleted? If got sexy/clad girl, sure different story. [size=200]Apalah…wat kind of moderation is this?[/size]

*I’m trying to make a point, not trolling.


moderators are quite ‘dormant’ recently.

maybe need some “cabinet reshuffle”? 8)