Ferrari ladies and .... -_-" .... girls

I received this from my friend…look great at first view…and amaze by the last view… hehehe… Ferrari girls Vs KIA girls …hehehe

i miss 1 ferrari girls car

Um. Let’s not buy KIA cars.

I wanna be that Ferarri F1 car…

lol i dun want the car i want the girls only hehehe

soiboy, u also want the Kia girls?

owh…u guys…all the kia gurls also cute meh…

give u lor… :lol:

those with Shell+Ferrari oso can’t say is cute… just standard, esai kua je, umshi jin sui lor…

give u lor… :lol:[/quote]

haha…im not lessy la dear…give u la dear… :lol:

the pictures 7,8 and 9 is showing reliability on those kia trucks where these girls weight 1plus plus kilosx3 also still can go, you couldn’t fit them in a ferarri dun ya…

They could’ve used 3 stack of bricks, a container of nuts and bolts or something. Would’ve been much more interesting to the buyers who’d actually use them to carry such things. Who’d ever heard of people buy trucks to transport weighty women?

errrmmm, poorer countries which have not have bus access to their areas??

hahahaha you’ve got a point. Though it doesn’t need to be a Kia truck though does it?

Given that how some of these people work - they might be able to fit those women into a rickshaw or a Thailand Tut tut vehicle just as well.

it would be hard to put them in and take them out of those rickshaw or tut tut vehicles…not unless they built it more like a truck

give u lor… :lol:[/quote]

haha…im not lessy la dear…give u la dear… :lol:[/quote]
give me ahh? dunno how to bring back lar…can I have you instead?