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Seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher of Germany will retire at the end of the current season, his Ferrari team announced after his victory at Monza here Sunday.

Schumacher kept in contention for an eighth world drivers’ title by closing the gap to Spain’s Fernando Alonso to two points in what was his 90th career victory in Formula One.

There are three Grands Prix still left in the current season - in China on October 1, Japan on October 8 and Brazil on October 22. Schumacher is expected to compete in his last race in Brazil.

The German will now prepare to bring the curtain down on 15 years of almost unrivalled domination of the sport.

To his millions of fans worldwide, it is perhaps fitting then that Schumacher’s Ferrari team made the announcement at Monza, the scene of many famous moments in his story.

Sunday’s achievement was his fifth win at the famed Italian circuit. The German’s final season has been one which has seen a resurgence in his driving, and after Alonso’s domination last year it appears that, as Schumacher has predicted, the title will go right down to the wire.

Source AFP

i think he realise now that if he do not stop at the end of this season… next year… he might lose a lot of faces la… haha… younger driver with more stamina is chasing his tail.

Retiring at his peak is a good move rather than retiring when in the dumps.

It is about time he can relax and let himself go for a long vacation and watching younger people do the racing and him watching.

No doubt retiring at his peak is a good move, but he’s not at safe position now. Yesterday’s result really means alot for him and all his fans(including me,really high blood pressure). It’s really not easy for him to compete with most of the younger drivers.

Winning at Italy for the very last time in his entire career life, it will be great if he able to win the championship this year as world champion again, hopefully a proud retirement with plenty of the F1 records with him.

Wish him good luck for the remaining races and pray for him for the 8th World Champion!

hey, hes not old…remember, hes only in his 30s…but its a good move i think…

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