Female's Korean Style Fashion for SALES~

Hi, everyone~ thr is some cloth i wan 2 sale here… :smiley:
If anyone interested, pls PM me…
The price stil can b bargain~

Elainna: 0148821905

p/s: for Miri Area only~

The photo 4 the cloths can b seen at my Facebook album also~
Username: Lc Liu

I am doing wholesales of the above…check us out


Hopei it will help…

I am interested to buy the “blouse wif belt” 1077 for RM39.
Hw can i made payment and get it fr u?

Hi jupiter88, if u receive my PM 4 the price n stil interested jz let me knw k? TQ!

hi Elaine,
I m still interested for 1077…that’s gud…bargain price at RM29…
u can send it to me…i m working nearby centre point…miri
i ve sent u my contact no…at pm…thks

Hi jupiter88,
the cloth i wil send it 2 u 2moro~ at 1 of ur break time… i will SMS b4 i go,TQ!