Female English Teachers

Teach English for Primary pupils (8 per class )
working hours :Monday morning 7:45 to 11am (meeting )
Mon to Friday afternoon:1:30pm to 6:15pm
Saturday morning:7:45 to 12 noon
Sunday and public holidays off plus addition holidays
EPF and Sosco provided
Interested please send your resume to beesbl@yahoo.com or call 012-8768950

where is the location?

Is it still available?

the vacancy is still available.

hai,i’m already sent u my resume to the email…please check it…Tq

Hi good morning. My name is Shirley and am looking to teach next year in January. Do you still have any teaching vacancie? I would be so grateful if you would consider me for an interview. I can teach both secondary and primary English and have been doing so for 12years now. Thank you.

Rgds, Shirley Noel.