Feedback on this forum

recently, i feel like this forum is ‘flooding’ of many similar post and photos. i wonder is other think that too?

no much people online here i think… please feedback~ > <

Just curious, where specifically have you seen this? In the Social Hub subforum? I’ve doing some reconfiguration & programming in the background for that section - and I am aware of some duplicates there. :blush:

some post in fb, i think they post the photo one by one, therefore a lot of post ‘flooding’. not only that, some post they bump TOO much.
every time i go to the group, i only see their ads or their product services, instead of some useful info.
is anyone can set a rule like, : one day only can bump for 3 times for a post (including others who helped to bump up). or put all the photo in an album (organise it in the album), so people easy to find and also the it wont ‘flooding’ as well.
not only that, if some old post, or maybe they already sold out the product service… this type of the post can delete.
this is what i thought. i x know others… any opinion on it?