Feedback from IOS5 update

hi iphone users,
just wanna know wats the feedback after u update to IOS5… i tried my ipad2 …is working but read alot about sim card locked after updated to ISO5 for iphone…just wanna be sure . i am still running at 4.3.3 lol dun dare to update to IOS5. need some info and feedback plz lol. … 0&tstart=0

copied from there too if u lazy to read dat

If your phone is already sim locked, there is nothing you will be able to do to get that phone working again. A restore will not help. You will need to get a replacement from Apple. Once you have replacement, CALL YOUR CARRIER AGAIN and check that the IMEI number matches this new phone BEFORE you try to restore again. Otherwise, the restore will fail again (this happened to me).

Looks like th evidence is growing that this is indeed an IMEI problem. At least we seem to be making some progress.

Sim lock or Carrier locked? Where did you purchase your phone? In Malaysia thru DiGi, Maxis or Celcom? Or did you purchase it from other places like USA, currently you’re on 4.3.3 right? Do you rely on a baseband unlock like ultrasn0W from Cydia (Must be jailbroken) or do you use a GeveySim? If yes, then I think you should not update.

If you have purchased your phone in Malaysia or do not rely on unlocks, this means your phone is already factory unlocked and you can proceed to update to ios5. Several of my friends had done it, and none has the problem you stated.

ya checked already …thx for the double triple confirmation :stuck_out_tongue: cheers

So far iOS 5 is great on the iPad 2. I like the option of using split keyboard, and use 4-5 fingers to minimize the screen instead of pressing a button, as well as swiping from one app to the next.

lol i forgot to use it… i saw the demo some where but forgot to use… going to try later thx for reminding.